Clarification on Insurance news article of 17 February 2014

Recent articles in the 'Insurance News' regarding 'Cerno' and in particular their recent removal from the QBE panel have again inadvertently caused some (but seemingly limited) confusion in New Zealand. The company referred to as 'Cerno' refers to 'Cerno Australia' and any reference relates to that entity only.

Crawford & Company New Zealand, which until November 2013 was formerly Cerno New Zealand is in no way linked, associated with or involved in any aspect whatsoever with Cerno Australia and its associated Stream Group business. Any reference to any panel admissions or removals do not in any way relate to Crawford & Company New Zealand.

The New Zealand operation of Crawford is proud to work closely alongside the rest of the Crawford Global business, including on all nominated accounts and our existing local partners. We trust this, along with previous communiques clarifies the position, but we welcome any enquiries and these can be made to Dean Garrod, CEO, Crawford & Company New Zealand, using contact details noted on this website.

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