COVID-19: Providing Solutions for our Partners

Following the announcement of the COVID-19 Pandemic, CNZ Group of Companies, which includes Crawford & Company New Zealand and Mode Project Solutions, has successfully deployed our Business Continuinity Plan. This has ensured our readiness to continue assisting our clients and their customers over the next four weeks or as long as this may ultimately require. We are focused on maintaining a strong customer care response to all claim matters.

We have fully deployed our BCP, and aside from Level 4 movement restrictions, are well placed to maintain normal operations, utilising bespoke technology solutions to support our desk-top and emergency works response.

Our expectation is that we will continue to move all claims forward as much as possible and as the imposed restrictions on movement and supply of goods or trades allows.

All of our staff are currently working at full functionality from home, and we have capacity to assist.

CNZ is a deemed to provide an ‘essential service’ as part of the insurance industry and able to perform our role without restriction where the following applies:

  • All health and safety situations that have the potential to cause immediate harm to occupants of buildings, or the general public;
  • Issues including security, when public disorder could eventuate, as in damage to buildings leaving them exposed to looting etc;
  • Essential services required to sustain people living at home which are not fully operational as a result of an insurance event such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Our people are supported by our leading suite of technology solutions including ConnectMeLIVE and this allows us to continue to provide as normal a service to Partners and their clients alike.

In addition, through ModeConnect, we have the capacity and capability nationwide to perform make safe and emergency works that may be required and that fit within the ‘essential services’ guidelines’.

Mode can be contacted directly on 0508 677 677 or email

If you have any questions about our ongoing services, please feel free to contact any of our team on 0800 66 56 56.

Dean Garrod
Chief Executive Officer

Mathew Hessian
Head of Strategic Partnerships
027 201 3710

Peter Ziegler
Head of Specialist Services
021 791 958

Steve Newman
General Manager – Network and Operations
027 571 9319