How we can help

Crawford & Company go wherever we are needed. We have experienced people ready to respond to your claim throughout New Zealand and global partners for added resource. We take pride in both our local heritage and international connections.

We pride ourselves on being a progressive company that embraces the changing and dynamic world we live in. We view every claim as a unique set of circumstances requiring specific consideration in both a friendly and professional manner. We are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle each and every claim or claim-related matter. Our personal approach to processing claims ensures that the right person with the right skill set is assigned.

Having the right people with the requisite skills and the right processes in place means we can handle any and every sized claim – from small domestic and motor losses to natural disasters, as well as major or complex losses from all lines of business. Determining the right outcome for every situation is as critically important to us as it is to you.

Loss Adjusters

The Loss Adjuster's role is to work with the insured (policy holder) and the insurer to facilitate appropriate consideration to a claim, with all relevant detail having been obtained and reported to the insurer. This can be residential claims through to complex specialty lines losses.

The Loss Adjuster will meet with the insured and/or their representative to discuss the loss and where applicable inspect and assess damage. Details of the loss will be submitted to the insurer in a report. Where the loss relates to damage to property, the Loss Adjuster can often advise on reinstatement options, or work with the insured to arrive at a suitable resolution.

We work closely with reinstatement companies, builders and associated sub trades, along with a variety of other professionals where required, including but not limited to:

  • Engineers from many areas of discipline
  • Architects/Draughtsmen
  • Project Managers
  • Accountants
  • Legal fraternity

Professional Loss Adjusters come from a variety of backgrounds. While ultimately their area of expertise is now insurance (claims in particular) this all depends on the level of experience, background and qualifications.  Some may specialise in more complex areas such as Major Loss, Business Interruption/Financial lines, Construction, Liability or Marine losses.

Each area of expertise has its own requirements, whether the loss relates to a simple residential claim, or a complex commercial loss. The adjuster will work with both the insurer and the policy holder, ensuring that they are provided all of the information needed to make the right decision under the policy in force.