Supplier Portal

At Crawford & Company we are constantly looking at new and more efficient ways of dealing with our clients and customers which is why we are so excited about our Supplier engagement IT project.

We have recently released our new supplier system that changes the way we correspond with you on quote requests and work approvals. You will receive emails from our team that will contain online links to view quote requests and additional information relating to work we want you to undertake. You will respond to these quote requests and provide any correspondence back through the online forms and buttons contained within these links.

You can view all of your active tasks via your personalised dashboard which also allows you to update your contact details and information. If you haven't been registered for an account then please contact the team on the below address to organise this for you.

We have designed the system so it is intuitive and easy to follow but below are some instructions if you need further support. Alternatively please contact us on with any queries.

Instructions and Guides